Results of Initial Testing OnePlus 7T

This post describes the results of initial testing on the OnePlus 7T. I setup the phone to work on RW on 3/17/2020 (approx. a week ago). My initial test goal was to use the phone in an everyday environment and test as many functions as practical. The results are broken down by function including any problems encountered and fixes tried.

Calls & Texts

I tested Wi-Fi calling from my home on a 50mbps network. The calls were very clear. The only problems encountered were:

  • Calls occasionally going to voice mail before I could answer. I used the “Published Method to Manage Doze by @jBen” to correct the problem and all seems to be working correctly.
  • Calls where the caller could hear me, but I couldn’t hear the caller. I disabled SIP ALG setting in my NetGear router as suggested in “Router Tweaks - Keep Wi-Fi 1st - a Community Guide” and all seems to be working correctly.

I tested cellular calling by placing calls as I went about my daily routine (both rural and city) and the calls were strong, clear, and 4G LTE.

I tested handover between Wi-Fi and cellular and so far, I have not experienced any dropped calls.

I tested texting (SMS and MMS) using Wi-Fi and cellular, send and receive, and all worked correctly.


I am receiving voicemails and notifications with no apparent problems.

Additional Tests

I would like to solicit help from RW pool of very knowledgeable employees and community volunteers for suggestions of additional tests to fully prove the compatibility of the OnePlus 7T.


A couple of things that possibly you could test:

  • Blue tooth, if you have a device to pair with and any level of usage testing
  • The ability to set up a WiFi hotspot (caution this uses cell data only, so go easy)
    • RW App/ :settingsicon: Settings / Data Tools/ Mobile Hotspot
  • Test for any major volume differences between WiFi and Cell calls, this can be done by making a call at home on you WiFi, then while call is in progress hand it over to Cell
  • I guess I would probably go through any of the functions and diagnostics that are made available by the RW App
  • Great work and feedback for Republic … hope you’re having fun!

Great suggestions, I’m working on them already (which means I’m having fun). Will get back shortly with the results.


This post describes the results of additional testing on the OnePlus 7T per suggestions by @Jben.

Blue Tooth
I paired the 7T with two devices: (1) Surface Pro 6 using Dell Mobile Connect (2) ASUS Zenwatch 3 using Wear OS by Google

I was able to receive notifications and utilize all the features each app offered. No apparent problems.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
I initiated a Mobile Hotspot on the 7T using the RW App. I connected several other devices to the Hotspot and was able to receive a strong Wi-Fi signal which allowed me to access the internet with no apparent problems.

Manual Handover in a Call
I changed settings in the 7T to allow me to make a manual handover from Wi-Fi to Cell. Made several calls by starting on Wi-Fi and then manually switching to Cell signal. The clarity and loudness were approximately the same on all calls.

RW App
I tried all the functions in the RW App and encountered no problems. I tried the Republic Diagnostics and the Reset Republic connections, and the results are presented below in screenshots:

Final Thoughts
My overall impression is that, up to this point, the OnePlus 7T and its OS is completely compatible with the Republic Wireless System. However, in the interest of being through, I again would like to solicit suggestions of additional tests to cover anything I might have missed.

More suggestions please (I need more fun :joy:)!


Thanks, @seniorgeek, I’m really glad to see you are having fun with this.

Have you been able to test call waiting/three way calling?

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Thanks for the suggestions @southpaw. I will add them to my test agenda and report back. As I’ve said before, my wife says that I’m not happy unless one of my gadgets is broken or I’m trying to solve a problem. :thinking:


This post describes the results of additional testing on the OnePlus 7T per suggestions by @southpaw.

Call Waiting/Three-way Calling

Objective was to have a call with two other numbers, (3-way call or conference call).

I initiated and received several calls from two other people which allowed me to utilize the Hold , Add , and Merge Options. By sometimes initiating and sometimes receiving calls I was able to thoroughly test the options in different scenarios.

The results were Three-Way calls that were clear, with sufficient volume, and with no failures.

Again, I would solicit additional test suggestions from anyone who would like to add to this Beta.

Hi @john.barbacci, can you give any feedback concerning the status of approval of the OnePlus 7T?


Did you test on Wi-Fi or cell? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How are you accessing voicemail?

I was on Wi-Fi when I did the test. I’ll retest on cell and report back.
I get notifications on voicemail and listen to them on the phone app.

Could you list the steps for me please?

@southpaw Below is a list of the steps to access voicemail.
I tested the system using both Wi-Fi and cell.

First, I received a notification that I had missed a call and I had a voicemail. (see screen shot below)

Next, I tapped the Phone Icon which resulted in the screen shop below:

I next tapped the message and listened to it.

All smooth except for the “Activating visual voicemail” message as shown in the screenshot.


Thanks for the details on voicemail. I had seen some conflicting reports internally and your example will help there.

I realize my other question might have been confusing.

Did you test conference calling on cell?

Internal BYOP testing and launch are progressing well.

Hey @seniorgeek Really appreciate all your help in these tests - great feedback and responsiveness! We’re working to wrap up the process to bring this device in our BYOP, thank you for your contributions in this effort!

Thanks for the update @john.barbacci. It’s been a privilege to be some small part of the Republic Wireless team.

@southpaw, I retested Conference Calling using a cell connection and all went well

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This one has probably been tested internally but the OnePlus 7T like its predecessor the 6T is dual SIM? If so, you wouldn’t happen to have an alternative provider’s SIM handy to see if dual SIM worked would you? :wink:

For those curious, there are other Republic compatible phones that support dual SIM. The Pixel 3a, 3a XL, 4 and 4 XL all support Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) using Republic’s physical SIM and those Pixels’ eSIM. There is a caveat. Google Fi and Republic service cannot be simultaneously active. Republic service and a traditional carrier’s service, however, can be.

It would be sweet if the 7T was the first Republic compatible phone with two physical SIM slots.

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Sorry @rolandh, I don’t have a SIM available for testing. I’ll explore this further and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the suggestion.

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