"Resync messages from server" on phone fails to restore MMS that originated on another Anywhere device

Phone: Moto X Pure
Plan: My Choice includes 1GB data

I just now performed a resync in Anywhere (v. 2.0.61) from my phone (Settings, Advanced, Resync messages from server), and all messages came back on Anywhere on my phone except for those messages that had an https:// link in them. Entire message + link missing. Those missing messages do remain on Anywhere on my laptop right now. I’m holding off launching the resync on my laptop for fear I’ll lose them there, too. Any ideas why resyncing drops messages with links? Shouldn’t they be on the server like all the others? They were created within the past 5 days.

No responses yet. If anyone will be resyncing messages soon and can duplicate this problem, I’d be curious to know your results.

I don’t use Anywhere on my phone and am using it less and less on my laptop…but I did go and install the latest version to test this out. I only had one https:// type link message in it…and that one was retrieved without any issues after a re-sync.

Are you sure the messages were within the retrieval window… I believe the retrieval window is 30 days.

Yes. In fact there were two messages with a link that I created just a couple hours before I did the re-sync on the phone, and they’re gone now. They are still on the laptop where I have not executed the re-sync. Additionally, I just now cleared both the system cache and the app cache; that didn’t help.

Hi @edc.inot8m,

I just sent myself several https:// links from various phones, then resynced my messages and all the links were resynced.

Some MMS messages show up out of order, though. Is there any chance the https:// message you’re missing is just not where you are expecting it to be in the chronology?

Was there anything else in common about these messages? Are they group texts, do they include emoji, do they include other text or just a link?

Thanks for your testing, southpaw. OK, I went back and did a little more thorough checking.

My problem is only with group messages. All messages and their links are resynced if it’s only one person to one person, no problem.

The issue is only with group messages. All are within the 30-day sync allowance. And now I see some are not being resynced also that don’t have links - in that case, some are a good size, 15 or more lines.

For all group messages that have links, none are being synced whether or not they have associated text. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small in size. There are no emojis. There is nothing else in common about them that I can see. And they did not appear anywhere else out of chronological sequence; they are totally gone.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi @edc.inot8m,

Thanks for the extra details. I’ll try to see if I can replicate the loss of group message with links. It might be late tonight before I can test again, though.

(I learned an interesting thing while testing this last night - I was using my Google Voice number to send links to my phone and wasn’t receiving the text messages at all. I thought we had a bigger problem than you were describing, until I learned that Google Voice refuses to send bit.ly links, but doesn’t indicate that in the messaging interface.)

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Hi @edc.inot8m,

Here are the results of my testing:

  • https links sent in 1:1 text messages are restored to the phone with a server sync.
  • https links sent from the phone itself in a group text are restored to the phone with a server sync
  • https links sent from a different phone are restored to the phone with a server sync
  • any group text message sent from a non-phone Anywhere endpoint, whether it has an https link in it or not, is not restored to the phone with a server sync.

Were the https links that vanished from your phone originally sent from some device other than the phone that owns the phone number?

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Hi southpaw,

You hit the jackpot. You’re 4th bullet point is exactly what’s happening in my case. Group text messages sent from my laptop will not resync to the phone. (Though they appear on my phone in sync as soon as I type and send from my laptop.) It doesn’t matter if there’s an https link or not (I use links a lot as it’s easy to pull them off the laptop onto Anywhere on the laptop). But 1:1 messages done in this manner resync just fine.

We’ve narrowed it down. Thanks for you sleuthing. So is this a bug? I don’t see how the mechanism behind the syncing would care if the text is a group text versus a 1 to 1.

Texts sent to me are resyncing just fine, but everyone texting to me uses their phone.

I would describe it as bug.

So the next thing we need to ascertain is whether it’s new with the latest Anywhere update. Unfortunately, I just factory reset my phone for a different reason and may not have a copy of the previous Anywhere version backed up. I’ll check around and test that, if I can get the previous version. If it’s new with the latest version, we could roll you back to the previous version.

Our developers are no longer “supporting” the app with bug fixes, but sometimes when they are required to update the app just to keep it operational and their update creates a bug, they’ll see what they can do. If I can pinpoint it to this latest update, I’ll certainly see what they say about it.

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When developers take this position, the potential end user impact is living with an accumulation of annoyances. Additionally, without full support, it sends thoughts (false or true) that the product, Anywhere in this case, might be in the process of being replaced.

Most likely though, I think I know what I am dealing with. A problem needs to be experienced and reported by a large amount of users before being placed in the queue to be fixed. In my case, it appears my issue is not well-known, nor a symptom of any larger problem that might be lurking, so it may not reach the queue to be fixed at this point.

Nevertheless, I appreciate you doing what you can to address it.

One other update, I did resync content on the computer and found that the group messages sent from the computer (and phone) were restored. It doesn’t seem anything is missing there.

That’s true, but I’m searching our tickets for other reports that may in fact be the same thing, just described differently. Remember, your initial description was that messages with secure links were not resynced. There may be others experiencing the same issue but describing it differently. If I can find enough of them, and if the issue comes from only the most recent update, maybe they’ll take a look. :crossed_fingers:

To be fair, this was a business decision based on priorities and resources, not the developers’ decision.

Good! I was hoping for that.

I was wondering if you could edit my description to aptly reflect the true issue.

I understand.

I’ve updated the title and a little more testing revealed that it’s all MMS that originates on another Anywhere device.
MMS includes group text messages and text messages with attachments, like photos.

I’ve opened Master Ticket 1730145 on the matter.

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