Retaining Voicemails after factory reset


I’m doing a factory reset of my Moto G4 as I’m moving to a new phone. I’ve backed up all essentials, photos, video, texts… I am just unclear as to if my voicemail messages and contacts will transfer over with original sim card.




Your voicemail messages are stored on Republic servers, not your phone. A factory reset will not affect your voicemails.

If you are backing your phone up to a Google account, your contacts should be backed up to Google’s servers. You can verify if this is working for you as follows:

Use a computer with a browser. Login to the same Google account you see on your phone and go to:

If you see your contacts there, you will be able to sync them to your phone when you add that same Google account to it.



Thank you, @johnny5! I appreciate the info.



For reference, the document Factory Reset – Republic Help will provide some of the various methods of saving/backing up ‘stuff’ before a Factory Reset

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