Retrieve old text


Ok I see previous questions about retrieving old texts were answered in the negative so in addition to my question, which is that I am looking to retrieve a conversation from about eighteen months back on one of my earlier Moto G phones. I understand the standard answer is “you can’t do it”. However this information is stored somewhere and I do not understand why Republic Wireless can’t retrieve it. We can take soil samples via robots on Mars but you are going to tell me there isn’t a record of simple text messages??? Please. The NSA has it, google has it, why don’t you?


The answer remains it can’t be done. At least not by Republic. Republic doesn’t retain your texts and I don’t know why you think they are “stored somewhere”. And indeed the NSA may have it, but they don’t share with Republic and again, I’m not sure why you think Google has your texts, but even if they did, they don’t share them with Republic.


Google does not have the contents of one’s text messages stored somewhere. And, it’s highly unlikely the NSA does either unless you or someone you’ve been exchanging text messages with would be of interest to them. Generally, all that the NSA might have would be metadata (records of whom one has exchanged calls and text messages with).


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