Retrieving Photos from lost phone

Lost my Moto G3 and just received a new Moto G4Plus replacement. Old phone was synced through Google. Can I retrieve the pictures that were on my old phone?

Yes, as far as you use the same Google address on the new phone, you should be able to access all your photos and videos that were synced to Google using the Google Photos app. Please note that these photos do not show up in the Gallery app…as they are not local to your phone or taken from your phone’s camera. If you want them to show up in the Gallery app then you will need to access them from the Photos app and then use the restore option to get local copies of them on your phone.

Thanks, Found pictures going back to June of 2016 but not past that date. Also, unable to locate “gallery” That app is not on my screen anymore. Do you have to download it? Thought that “gallery” was always present on old phone.

The newer Motorola phones don’t have a Gallery app any longer and instead handle everything through “Photos”.

You can login to online to check what you have sync-ed online to Google.

Everything you see there should also be accessible from your phone.

As for Gallery…it appears that Motorola excluded that app from the Moto G4 and G4 plus

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