Retrieving text msgs

I have the Moto G

Was in the middle of a new text, typing in the “to” field and hit something in the keyboard

area as far as I know… which erased my text in the “to” field. No issue with that as I never

did text in the texting area.

Decided to stop for then.

When I went back to where all of my current conversations should have been they were all gone ??

Anyone have an idea on what happened ?

Anyway to retrieve the conversations ?

Anyone have anything ?

This is definitely unusual behavior…what phone and text messaging app are you using?

RW does not keep an archive of your text messages. For future reference, you might want

to look into using an app such as

SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

Not sure on the app, just the default one that came with RW, (default SMS app) the Moto G I believe is one of the first ones.

I assume the texts may be somewhere in ether world ??

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @davids.79kiir,

If your text messages are truly gone, I’m afraid short of forensic recovery costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, they cannot be retrieved. Republic does not store message content. As unsatisfying as this will sound, have you tried restarting your phone?

I would try a force stop and clearing the cache of the messaging app (not the data or you will lose all texts if they are still there)

setting/apps/–>all–> messaging

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