Return new phone

I would like to return this phone, which I got yesterday and has proved to be very frustrating. And how do I wipe it clean before I do?


Hi @ellens.vipini,

Wiping the phone clean would require a factory reset:

I understand you are considering returning your new phone and @cbwahlstrom has provided the how to on that. Before proceeding with the return, I wonder if you’d consider opening a ticket and working directly with Republic. Here in Republic’s online Community, for the most part we (myself included) are fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members).

If you decide to go ahead and open the ticket, I would suggest asking for a phone call to be arranged. I’m sensing working over the phone with an agent might work better for you than exchanging messages in Republic’s Community. I’m confident a Republic agent would be able to sort your questions regarding the new phone. If you wish, you may open that ticket by sending email to

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