Return new samsung s8 phone


I had a Samsung s7 edge that was not working and received a new phone from Republic. I took the 2 phones to a Verizon shop to ask them how to transfer information from one phone to the other.

The tech took my old phone performed some magic while announcing the problem was ‘just’ something that had the word talk in it. Now, the old phone works fine.

I would like to return the new phone. Where do I go to inform republic?

Thanks for any help.

Tom C


I also should mention the new phone did not come with a sim card; or would the old one work?


Hi @tom.44gejh,

I’m glad to hear you were able to get the old phone working. The return process for a phone that has not yet been activated is here:

The new phone bought from Republic is supposed to have a SIM card already installed in it. I’m sorry to read this was not done in your case.


It has been said by other here in the past by “Experts” that the SIM card is not installed in the phone…but comes in the package and user has to install it.

Has this changed?


For now, yes.


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