Return Phone "Lost" In Mail? Help!

I ordered a phone which turned out to be defective, so I was sent a replacement phone. I sent the initial phone off, back to Republic, on July 22nd using the prepaid label given to me by Republic, and tracking from both the post office and FedEx (on the label I was given) show that my phone was delivered to the Republic center in TN on August 3rd. I received two emails today stating that I needed to return my phone, and that if my phone was not received soon, I would be charged for the full price of the phone. As all tracking states that it was received by Republic almost a week ago, I’m not sure on how to proceed. I put in a help ticket, but I haven’t heard anything back, and I don’t want my card charged for a phone that they’ve received.

Please advise!!

Hey @kriskot90, thanks for the info about your returned phone. We’ll get our help team on this right away for you!


Thank you so much!

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