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I want to return my phone because I am not satisfied with it. I received it on the 7th, but I would like to exchange it for a Motorola. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy J3. Is this possible?

Yes, you can return the phone during the 14-day return period

Return and Replacement Policy

This is exactly my issue. Same phone. I don’t like the Samsung. Annoyingly slow and more difficult to use. Also, I’m constantly hit with ads no matter how I try to block them. My Motorola was much better. It took me three days to get it activated and data transferred. I think my 14 day grace period expired last night. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear of your difficulty.
Ads come from the free apps you install on your phone. Many apps can have aggressive ads that interfere with use of the app. Some apps, are just scams to get you install and then it floods your phone with ad notifications, even when you are not using the app.
The best practice is not to install such no name random free apps. Stick to the paid, well rated ones that have no ads. The Play Store will mark what apps contain ads in their description.
If your phone have become overrun, I suggest you backup your important things like Photos etc, and do a Factory Reset to start fresh.

Another place you may be annoyed by ads, is in web browser. Use a web browser app that has a built in Ad Blocker, like Opera or Brave.

Hope this helps.

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