Return phones always "broken"


Recently Republic swapped my MotoX Pure GSM phone for a CDMA version, I get much better coverage in my area with the CDMA phone so that good.

Today I get my “return results” email and I’m charged $125 for a “scratched screen” and “software issue”.

When I first got my MotoX Pure there was an activation SNAFU where I had to return the first one, I got hit with $125 for that one for a scratch. I demanded a picture and they gave me a pic of a Pure with a scratch that I’m 99% sure wasn’t there when it left my house. I had that phone for 4 days, it never left my desk…

So before I sent in this phone I looked it all over, it was perfect, so I took pictures. I’ve sent my comments to Republic and we’ll see how that works out. I can’t imagine what the “software issue” is.

In the meantime, does anybody ever get to return a phone to Republic without getting hit with a damages charge? I find it highly suspicious that all my phones are damaged…

Edit: Oooh, am I a pariah for asking this question? A little google-fu suggests this concern has been raised in Republic’s past…


I’ve returned a phone in perfect condition without any penalty so no, they are not “always broken.” I had saved the original packaging and returned it to RW as it was shipped to me. I removed the screen lock before factory resetting it.

The software issue might have been the lack of a factory reset. The scratch on the screen may have been a consequence of how it was packaged.


Thanks, I wanted to hear that somebody was successful.

I also returned my phone after a factory reset following Republic’s instructions.

I returned the phone in its original box with the screen protector that came on the replacement phone. Having been burned once (I’m still sour about that one) I was very careful this time.


There have been a couple of instances where an error occurred in the inspection process that were brought to the Communities attention. In those cases the problem was solved by opening a service ticket. I suppose RW has the phone inspected a second time to determine if the original inspector made a mistake. Shipping and returns are handled by a 3rd party.


In the past three years I have sent two phone back to RW within the 30-14 day period and both times received a full refund. I have another in process right now and will report when it is complete. I also take pictures and a video when boxing up for return.

Update: Phone 3 returned and I received a full refund. I am done changing phones for a while.


Finally got a reply from Republic on this, they sent a picture of a thumb print as “damage”.

I’m pretty well done with them, this $399 phone has cost me just about $650 and the service is barely acceptable. When Verizon was $70 more a month I could put up with some tomfoolery but now that I can do 2GB with them for $35/mo I don’t see the value in Republic.


I was working with Republic because my new Nexus 6P that would not take the new 7.1 update. After several attempts working with Republic, they suggested to me that a replacement phone would need to be sent, so I thought that was pretty good customer service. I believed they sent me the new phone to warranty a product I purchased from Republic. WRONG, yesterday I received an “Returned Results” email concerning the defective phone I send back. Due to “scratches” and “Unknown” they charged my cc $526, I paid $400 for the phone! Can you believe that? What is going on with this Company, I was very happy up until now!


Whoa, that makes mine sound not so bad. I’d contest that one and even consider calling my credit card company.

I was tempted to demand my GSM phone back but I’m sure they’d say something is wrong with this phone and charge me again…


Hi @curtisr.uttbuk and @jimd.zmnuan,

Thank you for bringing up these concerns. I’ve escalated both of your tickets for additional review and you should be hearing from someone very shortly.

I apologize that we’ve put you through this and damaged your trust in our company.


Wow, great response from Republic. It appears after further review, there was a mix up and they’ve credited me back the $526. Thank you Republic, my faith has been restored.


I got the same response and they credited my latest charge. I’m a happy camper once again.


I am dealing with a similar issue now. They sent a picture of a phone with scratches all over the screen-- clearly not the phone I sent them, which was in excellent condition, but had a faulty charging port, thus the return. I am waiting for someone to help remove the $125 charge, but I feel defenseless.


We have four phones/lines of service and have been completely happy until this return mess. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


I received a G4 after submitting a ticket concerning my Ascend 5W not being a "compatible phone for my service area. Support suggested the “upgrade” and I accepted the offer. G4 I received did have a couple of very light scratched on the screen that were easy to identify.

Returned the Ascend and verified delivery to RW using the tracking number. About a month later after RW’s estimated time to inspect returned phones received daily emails from RW saying phone had not been returned and I may be charged for the replacement phone. Support ticket opened with PDF of POD and several days later the emails stopped. That’s been about a month ago so assume Ascend passed the inspection.

I do appreciate the effort expended to replace the GSM only phone with a comparable phone that would allow using CDMA.

Does RW charge members for defects such the scratches on my G4’s screen and then send out the phones as replacements to other members? What would a member be charged after receiving a “replacement” previously used phone and subsequent failure to return?

What happens if I need warranty service on my replacement G4 within a year of purchasing the Ascend? Does RW cover it or how would one submit to Moto?

Thank you.


I’ve had the Nexus 6P since it came out and had my own shortcomings with the phone not related to RW (the charger just stopped working after 2 weeks of usage and RW was kind enough to discount me a charger instead of going through the manufacturer) but over time the phone just wasn’t up to par.

I was typing faster than my phone could handle and the screen often froze in any small application that was being brought up. My “base” number belonged to some guy who had a lot of underground connections and folks who loved calling - a lot. Any update that came through the phone just made it more sluggish and wonky to operate. It was a mess that I finally went through RW for a few weeks of technical support.

Through their suggestion, I was to send my phone back and receive a new one. I had verified the device and made sure there wasn’t any dirt and with a very sturdy case and protective screen cover, there wasn’t any. Got my new phone and was super happy until I see my bank account is short 195.00 for ‘Scratched Housing’. So, I know what ‘Scratched Housing’ would look like for a phone to be charged almost 200.00 and mine shouldn’t have even been considered. I know that RW tries to ‘re-evaluate’ the situation to correct the problems but maybe after so many concerns and complaints, something else should be done. Maybe I’m Scrooge McGee over here but I just don’t have that sort of cash laying around.


Sorry to hear about your experience…sounds like you are already working with RW support…so it would be best if you work with support on the ticket to get this issue resolved. If you are not getting any response on your ticket, do let us know and we can ping support on your behalf…but ultimately, working with RW support is going to get you to a resolution of this issue.


It’s been roughly ten days now and I’m currently in the same spot I was in before, with people asking how my day was and that they’re still waiting. They couldn’t return my phone per the agreement of exchange or something like that, so I’m stuck waiting.

This morning they said to not delay me further they’re sending me to the Billing department. Didn’t mention anything about getting in touch with the Returns Department or if they had any results. I’m pretty confused and frustrated right now when they’ve stated it would take just 2-3 days for this to be settled and we’re nearing two weeks.


Can you please post your ticket number?


Hi @pearsonj.qwsfhy,

I’m sorry I missed your post earlier. I’ve reviewed your ticket and see that everything is now resolved. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

The answers to these questions should have been provided in your ticket, and I apologize if they were not. I also apologize for not seeing your questions sooner.

We did experience some issues with our deliveries over a period of time, and you may have been caught in that experience. The E-mails are automated reminders, helpful to people like me who can manage to leave a package sitting by the door for weeks on end without ever dropping them off for shipping, but very annoying to those who have already shipped the phone.

It’s a fine line, and we struggle with it. We don’t want to charge our members for very minor scratches to returns, but we also don’t want to send out replacement devices that do not meet the standards of the members who receive them. Unfortunately, the member perspective is very different depending on whether you are returning a slightly scratched device or receiving it! If we charge for repairs to a returned phone, we send it for repairs.[quote=“williamo.vkbg0s, post:14, topic:4402”]
What would a member be charged after receiving a “replacement” previously used phone and subsequent failure to return?

Our returns policy, including our list of charges, is here: Return and Replacement Policy – Republic Help. Failure to return the device would result in a charge for the full value of the replacement phone.

Please contact us first, and we’ll advise you if it’s a matter that needs to be taken to Motorola.