Return Policy Change - Friendly Suggestion



Read a recent post about returning phones purchased from RW.

For this gift giving holiday season extended the time to return based upon not only delivery date and added activation date.

How about changing normal policy to allow 14 days after activation if within a 30 days since delivery?

Prior to 3.0 phone/plans RW had a 30 day return. Our days are only getting busier and might not activate our new phone on day 1 of 14. Life balance as RW suggests?


I personally like this idea (heck I like the old 30 day money back policy)
I also can see why Republic change to the 14 day policy as it will reduce the number B-Stock phones

this is definitely worth the suggestion

the industry standard is 14 days (unless in California which State law make it 30 days)


I know that the longer the return period the better, but 14 days is in line with most other cell phone providers. I can’t think of any off hand that have a longer return period. Some retailers do though. For instance, you could always buy a compatible phone from Amazon. Last time i checked their return policy was 30 days.


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

What you’re suggesting would essentially bring back the 30-days-after-delivery policy, which we’re no longer able to support.

When a member has extenuating circumstances, we can consider an extension as a courtesy.