Return Results even though nothing missing/damaged

We ordered a new phone, and before it arrived we were given a better phone. We literally didn’t open the box it arrived in, just processed a return for it to get our money back. I took the unopened original shipping box to FedEx, and they opened it and added some additional bubble wrap to keep things from moving around and sealed the box back up. I just received an email stating:

We’ve completed the review of your phone. After taking a look, we found the following missing or damaged items on your phone:

Based on the above listed findings, the total amount of missing or damaged items equals $247.89. This amount has been deducted from your eligible refund amount of $252.02 (purchase price less initial shipping). Your total phone refund amount is $4.13.

So first of all, it doesn’t mention what they thought was missing or damaged. And I literally didn’t even open the shipping box, let alone the box the phone came in. Who should I contact to fix?

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Looks like an email was sent out in error
The advice below is the usual steps when this happens but not this time (see banner at top of forum )

you need to create a help ticket and contest this
Tickets | Republic Wireless
the return department is handle by a 3rd party and they sometime makes mistakes

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Hi @pageturner33,

Presuming this email was received and dated today, this is an error. The email you received should not have been sent. Please be assured your return is still being processed and you will receive further communication regarding your refund when that’s done. Republic, typically asks for 10 days after receipt for the inspection process to complete and a refund to be issued.

Although, generally, @drm186’s advice would be the correct path to follow, if the circumstances are as I described above, it’s not necessary.

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Reporting it here is a great first step.

Hi @pageturner33,

Just chiming in here to assure you with a staff voice that the E-mail sent today was sent in error, and we do apologize for it. We will get the returns processed correctly. I’m very sorry we caused you this concern.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thank you all for your replies. We will wait a few days, then we’ll create a help ticket if needed.


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