Returned a phone, forgot to send back sim card


So long story, I had recently bought the 32gb version of the moto g5 x, and later saw it the 64gb was on sale for cheaper, and I was within the 14 days for the return policy. I got the okay to send the original phone back, and bought the 64gb, shipped off the 32gb and accessories off, but realized I kept the sim card, and had the new sim card for the 64gb phone. Not sure what to do because the policy is that all items from the box be returned…Do I need to email someone and send the sim card separately?



The SIM card will not be re-used, so you can just throw it away. The “everything in the box” is referring to all the parts of the phone.



But I won’t receive the full refund according to the site. It’s an unused Sim card that came with the brand new phone/replacement.



If you are charged for the missing SIM card it would not be a meaningful amount (if any at all).



Hi @iamnikki,

We will not charge you for the missing SIM card.

Even though Republic Wireless SIM cards are not used in a way that stores personal content such as contacts on the card, we understand that some other carriers’ SIM cards do so, and people are conditioned to remove the SIM before returning a phone. So for our newer phones, we consider replacing the SIM a cost of doing business, and do not penalize our members when one is missing. Besides, since they expire after 20 days of being de-activated, it would not be practical for us to try to re-use old ones.

I’ll also respond on your support ticket.

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I appreciate that but I think you guys are not understanding. I used my original sim card, received a new phone and just put the used Sim card in it to keep my phone number. The new phone came with an unactivated Sim card, which I forgot to return, assuming that I needed to.




The “original components” that we require when a phone is returned include all the parts that the manufacturer originally sold “in the box.” For example - the battery and the charger.

“Original components” does not include the SIM card. We add that ourselves. We do not charge if it is not returned. We would love for you to keep in handy in case your SIM card ever fails, or pass it along to a friend who might want to try Republic Wireless.

Edited to add: The exception to this rule would be our older phones that do require the SIM card to remain with the phone: Moto E (1st Gen), Moto G (3rd Gen), Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen).



Okay great! Thank you. I just assumed because it says online that I wouldn’t get a full refund without the Sim card as well.




The SIM card is a required component for our older phones: Moto E 2nd Gen, Moto X 1st and 2nd Gen, Moto G 3rd Gen, but if you were able to move the card from the old phone to the new phone, then you’re not using one of those phones.

For your phone, the column for “SIM Card” should show “N/A” on the chart for List of Charges at the bottom of this document:

If you see documentation that states otherwise, please point me to it so I can look into having it updated.

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