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I am trying to start the process to return a phone that I don’t want and want to purchase another from RW.

Unfortunately I am not getting information on how to start the process. Most of the FAQ concerns cancelling an account or line, nothing about returning an unwanted phone within the 14 days guarantee. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


When you go to your account and deactivate your phone you will initiate an automated return process. The system will email you a shipping label. Following the instructions that accompany the label you will ship the phone back. Shipping seems to be slow (10 days or so) and then it goes through an inspection process. If there is any damage or missing pieces there will be a financial penalty. Once the inspection process is complete your original cost, less one-way shipping, will be credited to the card used to purchase the phone.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remove any screen lock you put on the phone before factory resetting it. If you put a screen lock on it the inspection process can’t proceed and their will be no refund.


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I’d also advise you to open a Support ticket stating you are returning a phone. There seems to be conflicting information on RW’s site what steps need to be taken.

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@williamo.vkbg0s please link us to the conflicting information. I’m sure @southpawkb will take care of it.


Billg mentioned deactivating the phone to start the return process which will without a cell phone while RW is processing my request. Is it a good idea to get (order) the phone I really need, activate it, transfer my present phone number, then deactivate the one I want to return. At least this way I will have a phone to use while the refund process is initiating.


When you find the link please post it here. Thanks very much.


You can do what you want to do but your money will be tied up for a while. If you order a different phone, receive it and activate it within the 14-day return interval the phone you want to return will be deactivated when it is replaced by the new phone. That deactivation will IF WITHIN THE 14-DAY RETURN PERIOD initiate the return procedure. You will get the refund for the returned phone, presuming it is in pristine condition, in about a month. If you can’t get this done within that window then yes, you will have to open a service ticket but expect your money to be tied up for a while.


From FAQs on Phones page. Key words, contact us. This is one example and I’ve seen other references since the new process was set up saying to submit a Support ticket.

To make a return, contact us within 14 days of joining and we’ll cancel your service, provide instructions for returning your phone, and process your refund upon receiving it.


I had a brand new Moto X (2nd Gen). I was troubleshooting a problem and, during what was then the 30-day return window, replaced it with my Moto X (1st Gen) during the troubleshooting. That replacement automatically initiated the return process. That was a bit of a headache since I actually didn’t want to return the phone.

When the 3.0 phones came out I purchased a Moto G+ just for testing. On the 13th day I reactivated my Moto X (2nd Gen) as a replacement for it and within minutes received the email with the return label. Shipping was FedEx SurePost and that phone was picked up at my mailbox right away but took at least 10 or 12 days to reach RW. They inspected it in short order (3 days as I recall) and the credit was applied to my account about 5 days after the inspection so it took about 20 days to get my money back.

There is a big difference between returning a phone under the terms of their satisfaction guarantee/return privilege and replacing a phone that develops a problem shortly after activation. In one situation you get a refund, in the other you get a replacement phone. This is why you see a difference in the procedures.


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The process for returning a phone varies depending on the phone’s current state. Is it activated? Is there a need to preserve the phone number? Is the customer returning it because of a warranty issue? Each answer could take you down a different return path.

Based on your follow-up question it sounds like you need a working phone during the return process. If preserving the phone number is vital, then please do not cancel your line until you have a replacement phone activated on that phone number.

This is a case where “contacting us” during the initial 14 days to notify us of your intent to return it but your need to move a replacement phone to that line of service would be important.

I’ve found your ticket and will reply to you further, there.


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The intent of the advice to contact us is not that every return require a support ticket. The intent is that no matter which path to return the phone is followed, we need some sort of indication - we are not psychic.

  • An activated phone can be cancelled in the Account portal within 14 days of purchase and that will initiate the return process without any further contact needed.
  • A de-activated phone can be returned from the Account portal within 14 days of purchase, and that will also initiate the process without any further contact.
  • An active phone that needs a replacement, as this situation seems to be, should involve a ticket since the actual act of cancelling the service for that phone might not take place until after the 14th day. We ask that we be contacted to let us know of the intent. Otherwise the return may be denied when it is initiated after the 14th day.
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