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I ordered a phone and still in is way to my address.
I placed a return order. Do I have to wait for the package to get to me, or can I call the delivery people and tell them to sending back?

You will have to wait for the delivery and then complete the return process as outlined in this document.


I ordered a refund for a S8. Now, the S8 is in transit, it has not been delivered yet. Can I call UPS and ask them to return it before reaches my address or do I have to wait for the S8 to get to my address and then do the label, and send it back? Thanks for your help

Quote from the thread you already created.

If I order a refund, I wonder if Republic would send me one. If they do, I’ll order a bunch of them.

Actually, I don’t think you can order a refund. You can request one, though.

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Do you call in a takeout order or takeout request?


Hi @aixas,

I’ve merged your duplicate topics into a single one so we can focus on the conversation in one place. Ignoring the jokesters here, if you have UPS return the order to sender, it will delay the refund process. Our fulfillment center for order processing and our return processing center are in two different locations.

Please use the return process others have provided, and let us know if you have any questions.


Wow, you are linguist. Yes, I meant ‚Äúrequest‚ÄĚ,
Thanks for your lexical comment feedback

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