Returning to RW - How to reactivate with old number, plan


I switched to Verizon for family reasons less than 2 weeks ago. The vzn plan turned out to be more expensive than what I had understood. I want to switch back to Republic and reactivate my old phone with my old (current) phone number. and with the RW plan I had ($10/mo).

After reviewing the various instructions for reactivation, I am not find this exact scenario: returning to RW and reactivating the same phone with the same number and the same plan.

I have a Moto X, 1st gen running 5.1.

Can someone please point me to the correct process?



you will need to reactivate them by going though the Republic app on the phones, (this will assign a new number to them and then you would submit a number transfer from where the numbers are currently housed (Verizon)

I will note that the phones will activate on the 2.0 Republic Refund plans which is $10 for the base unlimited voice and text and $15 per GB data option


Thank you, drm186, for the quick reply!


Your welcome


Welcome back @publican


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