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Thinking about returning a phone we bought. Still unopened and sealed in the box. It states maximum refund is one amount and the taxes are significantly higher than what was paid.

My questions are:
Since the phone is new I assume I should get a full refund minus original shipping costs?
The site says I will be emailed a return shipping label. How much does the return shipping cost?
I live in a state that charges taxes on shipping/handling costs. Will I be charged tax on the return shipping as well?
I live in a state where shipping costs are taxed, would I be refunded on the tax for shipping or will I just have to eat all of the shipping costs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The info here may be of help to you.

Thanks. I figured out the return process and that I should get my taxes back - not including original shipping cots.

Still curious on how much I will be charged for a return shipping label, if charged at all and if charged if I will again be subject to state taxes.

Hi @red58impala,

The return shipping label and any taxes applied to its cost are on us.

The original shipping and any taxes on that shipping are not refunded.

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Thanks southpaw. It is a phone for my wife and I want to discuss options with her first.

Much appreciated!


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