Reuse Sim Card?



Can I reuse the RW sim card I have in my Moto X 2nd Gen with a new Samsung 7 Edge and new generation plan?


No. A legacy phone SIM needs to stay with the phone [CDMA do not link the SIM to your account]


Hi @erinr.1ntl7b,

I’m afraid the answer is no. SIMs in Republic Moto X2s are specific to the phone. You’ll need to grab a Republic SIM here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless. Or here .

If purchased from Republic, the S7 edge will ship with a SIM.


Do you know what aspect of the phone the SIM is tied to? I’m seriously considering cracking open my Moto and soldering in upgrades since I don’t want to give up my plan.


That’s a new one, thanks for my Sunday afternoon laugh.

It is tied to the phone’s IMEI and the way the phone operates is tied to the modified operating system on the phone. So, unless you can get the modified operating system running on your new phone, fake the IMEI, get the Sprint systems to accept your faked IMEI and overall just violate the TOS in every possible way (and possibly some telecommunications laws) you’re out of luck.


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