Reusing Republic phone for another Republic number on same account

I did a search and did not find an answer.

A household member’s phone died and I’ve pulled the Republic Sim out of it. I’ve decided to buy me a new phone and give them my old phone to use. Both the old phones and the new one are Motorola phones on the GSM network. All family members are on my Republic account (4 phones.)

What would be the steps and will I run into any possible issues doing this?

My plan is to put my SIM card into the new phone when it comes today and make sure it works. Then put the SIM card from the broken phone into my Old phone.


Hi @randallg.pon74m and welcome to the Community!

Since the two SIMs involved are GSM, you may move service from one phone to the next by moving the SIMs as you describe. In the case of the new phone arriving today, you’ll also want to be certain Republic’s required mobile app is installed and/or updated. You may need to open the app and follow a brief “activation” sequence.

For the phone being handed off, once your service is moved to the new phone and after you’ve retrieved any information you want to keep, starting its new user off fresh with a factory reset is best practice.

If more detail is desired, please let us know.

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