Reusing SIM Card from old RW for Moto Power BYOP upgrade

Hello. I have a Moto G from RW that’s a bit long in the tooth. I want to upgrade to a Moto Power or a Moto Fast, both of which are cheaper if I buy from Amazon. Since this will be a BYOP, can I reuse the sim card from the Moto E, or should I buy a new Sim card kit? I’d like to keep my phone number (not sure if that is relevant or not) Which would make for an easier transition. Thanks.

Hi @matta.lwxnfy - see if this Tips & Tricks article answers your question.

The BYOP program does let us take advantage of sales prices. Just make sure you get the RW compatible models of the Moto G Fast (XT2045-3) or Moto G Power (XT2041-4).

Hope this helps! Come on back if you have any additional questions.


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