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My moto g4 quit. Is it possible for me to just transfer the sim card to the new moto g5 plus i am getting?

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Hi @kevinm.22duab

Please take a look at the SIM from your G4. You should see the word “republic” on it. If the letters in “public” are green, you can move that SIM. If they are grey, you will need to request a replacement SIM from support.

Also, what happened to the G4. Would you like any help in seeing if it can be resurrected?


republic is not on the card anywhere, there is only a few lines of grey numbers and sprint at the bottom. And my phone quit this morning. It is completely unresponsive and I have tried several different chargers to get it going.


It doesn’t sound like you had a G4. Did you mean a Moto G 3rd gen? If it’s a Moto G 3rd gen you’ll need a new SIM card.


That might be the one.


If you ordered the Moto G5 plus from Republic Wireless it will come with the necessary SIM card. If you ordered from anywhere else, you’ll need to purchase a SIM card: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless.


Thanks for the additional information.

Have you tried holding the power button down on your phone for a really long time - longer than 10 seconds and up to 2 minutes? If you feel the phone vibrate or see the screen change you can release the power button. Sometimes that will reset a non-responsive phone.


That worked. Thanks so much!

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