'Reusing' SIM Cards


Pretty much to me they’re magic. I put them in and the phone works. Abut two years ago, whenever BYOP came, I got two SIM cards from Republic. I put one in Moto G4 Play, works great!

Now I want to upgrade to a G5 Plus, fifth gen, on Amazon. Two questions:

  1. Can I use the old unused SIM card from two years ago, or do they change or upgrade over time?

  2. And/or, can I use the current SIM card in the G4 Play? Would it be better to do that? Or would I be better off with a fresh start with the old unused SIM card?


Hi @benjaminw.kp5b0c!

It is usually best to move the SIM over. However, the Moto G5 Plus requires a different sized SIM card (nano) so you will need to either A) punch it down to the nano size or B) use your other one. If you choose to use your other one, you will need to punch it out for the nano sized SIM (smallest). I am not sure if the SIM you have still has the lines where you can punch it out smaller, but if it does, you will probably be able to punch it smaller. You can view the SIM card and the different sizes here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless .



Thank you, that’s perfect! It does have the nano cutout, and in fact when I went to install it two years ago it accidently punched out to the nano size and I had loosely reinsert it into the frame to make it next sized up for the G4. So if it’s best to move my current card over to the G5 it is in fact already punched out to nano.


Oh wow! That’s convenient! That will be the easiest way. Just download the Republic app on the new phone (if not already installed when you get it) and move over the SIM card.


Hi @benjaminw.kp5b0c,

Excellent choice!

If you still have the original credit-card size plastic which housed the un-used SIM card, a close inspection should reveal an expiration date.

For the smoothest transition, using a fresh SIM card is the best option. If you decide to move the SIM from the existing phone, please follow these steps once you’ve done so:

For others reading this conversation, please note that @benjaminw.kp5b0c is discussing moving a BYOP SIM card from one phone to another. For SIM cards that came with phones bought from RW, please be aware that not all our SIM cards are interchangeable. Moving a SIM card from one phone to another will not work in every situation.


I do have the entire original packaging, and on the reverse of the ‘credit card’ it has the note to activate by 4/2019.

So I think I’m good, and I’ll go with the fresh start with the unused SIM card. For others, note that you have to remove the ‘credit card’, the activation date isn’t visible unless you detach it.

Southpaw, now for the hard one since you seem to know about these things. Now that I’m upgrading to the G5, do you think I should drop my current circle of friends? It’s not just the phone, I’ve also recently bought a refrigerator that makes ice, and an electric garage door opener. Clearly I’ve moved to an entirely enhanced plane of existence.

OTOH, I really like my current friends a lot, and I think I could make it work, even with a refrigerator that makes ice right through the door. So what do you think? Should I give it a shot, or should I go ahead and move into the Monte Carlo set, where I clearly belong with a G5?


Wait. You have friends (plural?) (Jealous)

Life is all about the challenges. Definitely keep the old friends. But charge them for ice.


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