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I’d like to go back to an older system version. Since I did a factory reset (at the suggestion of Republic, and it incidentally did not fix the problem I was having), my phone updated to something new that I don’t like. Besides changing the appearance of many things, it doesn’t perform so well. Up to that point it had never frozen up or needed to be re-started, but since then I have had to do it a number of times, sometimes because it was flashing crazily on its own through programs. When I turn it back on, it can take 1/2 hour and more to start working; it says it is optimizing 175 apps. I do not know where those 175 apps are hiding. I actually have fewer apps on it than I had before. I’ve had Chrome crash and shut down now several times. And one major problem now is that wi-fi doesn’t work when I have bluetooth turned on. That means that I can no longer use my fitness tracker and phone at the same time…which basically means fitness tracker is useless. Is there something I can do, please?




Which phone do you have? With some of the legacy models a bug was introduced that causes the apps to be optimized if the phone is turned on when it is plugged in. That is easy to get around; just unplug it before turning it on.

From what you write it sound like all of the phones apps are being updated by the Play Store, a necessary step after an upgrade to the operating system. The best way forward is to not use the phone until all of the Play Store apps have been updated and there are no longer any update notification in the pull-down shade. I think if you do this (it takes about an hour) then your phone will work much better.

There is an app notorious for causing WiFi problems when Bluetooth is turned on. It is Gas Buddy. Dunkin Donuts caused this problem too. Once all of the apps have been updated try using th phone in Safe Mode for a day or two. If it work just fine you have problems with apps you installed.

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