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I bought this phone in Dec 2018. Up to this point, I have only used Moto x and Moto x pure.
I like the sleek design, and it has a slightly larger screen than the Moto x pure edition.
But I wish I had gone with another Moto x.

  1. The biggest drawback for me, is that RW only offers phones to me that work in my area. The moto z3 play was one of them. While I have coverage at my house, the coverage ends at the end of my driveway, and I have no coverage for several miles. If my car breaks down 1-4 miles from home, I cannot call anyone for help. If I’m in a phone conversation, it gets cut off as I near my town. That is a HUGE problem

  2. The Moto z3 play does NOT have an auxiliary port/headphone port. It came with a small adapter, which I have misplaced. I can’t understand why they would make a phone without an auxiliary port. That was something I used often.

  3. I had become accustomed, with the Moto x pure, to passing my hand over the phone so the time and notifications would pop up. Moto z3 play does not have infra red, so that is no longer an option. Now I have to press the power button just to see the time.

  4. I can’t figure out how to get the Moto z3 play to read my texts, tell me who’s calling, etc, while I’m driving. Is this feature not available on the Moto z3 play? It doesn’t make sense that they would have done away with that. Especially now that localities are passing laws against using a cell phone while driving.

The cons definitely outweigh the pros for me with this phone, and I wish I had gone with another phone.

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Hello @thomasm.4j38c7 and welcome back to the Community
the best place to leave you review of a phone would be right here in the review category of the community forum (I would recommend you just edit your post to add the review)

The Review email was for Online store which may use a small clip from a review to the phone sale page to assist other buyers, most of these seam to be seam to be rejected or just not used, and there no publish rules (Review for G6 rejected due to not meeting all guidelines to be published)on what Republic is looking for there


I’m not seeing a review category.


for #1) If you had better coverage with the previous Moto phones, I wonder if using a CDMA sim card would work better for you?

for #3) do you have the “Moto” app? if you click on “Features” and then on “Moto Display” and then toggle on “Moto Display - Friendly notifications fade in and out while screen is off” seems to imply that it may show time/notifications.

for #4) also on the “Moto” app, under “Features” and then on “Moto Voice (Beta)” and then click the settings (the gear icon on the bottom left), click on “Talk to Me”, there is a setting for “Driving - Announce incoming calls and text when driving is detected”. This sounds like it may at least tell you who’s calling or texting…

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Luckily you can buy a replacement usb to 3.5mm adapter for your Z3 Play off EBAY, just do a quick search. They are less than $10 and some are even “Y” type cables so you charge and listen at the same time.

I agree, you may want to put in a R.W. ticket for a CDMA SIM card to solve your coverage issues.
Good luck!

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Thank you for the tips. I have no idea what a CDMA sim card is, but I’ll open a ticket.
Thanks, again.


Republic has 2 carrier partners, you can tell which partner you currently have by loving at the SIM type in the Republic app :blush::rw_3: going to the setting tab :settingsicon: and about o(it will be listed under the number)
CDMA is the technology used by Republic’s 1st partner (beta, legacy phones of Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 & E2) and the CDMA partner is Sprint
The other partner uses GSM and all 3.0 phones maybe used is GSM (some have to be used on the GSM carrier) the GSM partner is T-Mobile
The Moto Z3 Play can be used on either partner depending on SIM that is installed if you feel coverage would be better on the other partner open a ticket and request a coverage review [provide a few address that the phone will be used around]

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