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I have had this phone for 2-3 years - since it first came out. Here are the design flaws of this phone

  1. Phone battery life is very short - does not make it through the day Nd I turn off background apps and wifi when I am out so it does not waste the battery looking for wifi signal. I do not use unsecured public networks.
  2. Must use proprietary cord to charge, complete with awkward wall wart. Can’t just plug into USB to charge. With short battery life, this cord issue is a problem.
  3. Non-standard earphone jack. I have reasons not to use usb earphones. my cord has to use the adapter from earphone cord to usb and leave the awkward adapter attached when I am using them on other devices, so as not to lose the adapter.
  4. Moto Mods are a joke. the car adapter is useless - too heavy and blocks a vent and controls and indicator lights no matter how I mount it. And it did not even supply a power cord with it! The price for the other mods are so high that they are not even tempting, especially with the above experiences.
  5. The camera works well but has only one small spot to push to take a photo - my previous Motorola let to shoot by touching the screen anywhere, which is handy if you are e.g. holding camera over your head.

Many things work well because they are Android. Whenever I hear “hello Moto” it makes me angry.


The Moto Z uses USB-C, a standard cord that is available widely and is what all recent flagship phones, from all manufacturers use.

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To touch anywhere on the screen instead of using the shutter button, try opening the camera and swipe right to open settings. Scroll down and turn on “Tap Anywhere to Capture”.

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