Review of the Incipio Offgrid Power Pack Battery with Wireless Charging


Dear Community,

I am a late technology adopter and I keep my phones for as long as reasonably possible. What I care about is the “Total Cost of Ownership” So I make sure the phone can be adequately protected, has an affordable monthly service fee, (Kudos RW!), and lasts long enough, so that I don’t spend too much time researching its replacement. Cell phone text SMS are an important part of two factor authentication and I do not want to be without one while a replacement is shipped.

My first Moto X did not take well to the software updates and I even after I changed the internal battery (DYI) , it was not up to the job. It sits on my desk like a little Otterbox protected brick waiting for a silly project… It does not even have enough battery left to use as a radio in the morning while I shave…

I bought a Moto Z Play and I am on my third year. This was the phone for long battery life. Period. I wonder if there is a ruggedized mid range phone with wireless charging so I can skip the Otterbox Defender case and still be RW service compatible… The Moto Z Play internal battery is not lasting as long as before, so I am experimenting with a Moto Mod to see if I can add a couple of months or a year before I get another mid range phone. I have looked at ifixit videos for this Moto Z Play model, and I have no desire to do this DIY battery change. Also, software has security changes, so I can see the planned obsolescence in any phone. This is why I am a fan of Republic Wireless, because the monthly service fee is significantly lower than other providers (the variable cost), I am able to spend more on a better quality phone and its protective accessories (i.e. the initial capital outlay is the fixed cost). Basically, Total cost = Variable Costs + Fixed Costs.

It is my second week of my Review of the Incipio Offgrid Power Pack Battery with Wireless Charging on a Motorola Z Play (1st generation). I do see this as a great way to add (battery) life to the phone, but in my case due to the harsh environments I work in, I do not see the moto mod as a permanent solution for field use. This is my first Moto Mod as well, and it looks like a practical gadget, but I may prefer to spend extra on a ruggedized phone instead of on other Moto Mods if I can do wireless charging through a protective cover. Remider:
For all this to work, the phone still has to be compatible with RW!

First, thank you to Southpaw and the RW Community for the opportunity to add some extra months to my Motorola Z Play 1st Generation. I have added the Gadget Guard Black Ice Display Guard for extra protection since I will not be always using a Defender Otterbox.

Yes, there is some extra weight on the phone with the Power Pack Mod and it is a huge phone, but I usually have a big vest pocket and I am looking for a large pouch to keep the phone on my belt. I am limiting the use of the Moto Mod to the weekends when I know I will be able to protect the phone from accidental drops while I test the battery. Members of the community explained the power options for the Incipio Power Pack, and I am still experimenting with them. I like it that the power in the Mod gets used up first in one of the options, so I can take the mod off and put it back in an Otterbox.

I am still using the Otterbox Defender on the days I know the phone will be under the risk of a drop or a snag off my belt. I drop the phone about once a month at work, and the Otterbox Defender is still my best insurance. In fact, I have had to replace the Otterbox Defender belt clip and its base due to drops when the case and holder got snagged off my belt, but never the rubberized protector or screen shield from a drop on the ground. The rubber cover on the Otterbox does not keep a clean appearance for long, so I am on my third cover, but the old ones are still usable. I use disinfectant towels in the field or alcohol wipes so I think it dries out the softeners in the rubber. A light mild soap solution would be best, but I do not have that with me at all times.

Biggest takeaway: I am a convert to Wireless Charging and my next phone has to have this capability with Moto Mod or no Mod. I have seen some battery packs that can also do wireless charging, and that would be great when I use multiple work vehicles. I often change vehicles at work several times in a day, and I do not want to carry cables.

The Incipio Power Pack is great for travelling by air. It definitely is worth the weight if you can travel lighter without a battery pack and extra cables. If the Incipio Battery pack can continue to power the phone even when the internal phone battery is almost dead, I may keep it as an international WiFi only travel phone. I tried the WiFi only plan for the Moto X for a while, and I can see the practicality of having a spare phone for travel, guests or emergencies.

I will follow up after some time to see if there is a new feature to report, or if I have had to capitulate for some reason, but be assured, I do not want to spend more $1.25 a day on the total cost of ownership on a phone. I really appreciate the RW community tips and ideas because it saves a lot on research time.

Kind regards,