Right side of display not working

Moto E4
Monthly basic Talk & Text

The right side of the phone became non-responsive. For things like “start chat” to text, I can turn the phone sideways out of portrait mode, so the button is in a different spot; then I can text. However, now swiping to the right to answer a call no longer works, so I can’t answer the phone! When it shows the options of “answer” or “dismiss” at the top, I can choose answer okay. Assuming no one can help with the “right side” or “swiping” problems, is there a way for the phone to ONLY ring with the “answer” and “dismiss” options at the top, instead of the middle phone that requires the swiping?

Hello @franks.8myjkq,
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Have you tried restarting the phone?
That seemed to help a prior Member with a touchy moto e4:

If that doesn’t work, try using the Device help app in your phone and see if you can run a hardware test for the screen.
Rebooting to safe mode is also something to try.
(Maybe an app is causing the screen to act weird)

Do you have any other clues? When did this issue start?

Maybe others in the Community may know the answer to this, unfortunately I don’t.
My last advice would be to try a Factory Reset, but let’s see how some of the above suggestions go. :wink:

None of that seems to help (didn’t do the factory reset). The “i” and the “p” work on the keyboard, but not the “o”. I can, however, turn it on its side (out of portrait mode) and use the “o”. All this wouldn’t be so bad if I could but answer the phone! It won’t swipe to answer.

If I do a factory reset, will I lose my assigned phone number too?

Hi @franks.8myjkq,

No, however, you will need to be certain Republic’s mobile app is updated then opened post reset. I understand no one likes doing a factory reset, however, based on what I’ve read here, it’s the best way to separate what is, hopefully, a software glitch from what may be hardware failure.

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