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I am about to buy an upgrade phone. But I need more time to get the phone out of my pocket, etc. Does the MotoG5 Plus have a longer ring time? I’ve gotten no answer to my ticket 24 hours ago and am eager to buy.
Related to my decision, can I reduce the Spam that I have now oTitn my Moto Gen 3?


hi @judithb.0ih7af,

Our support team prioritizes tickets according to urgency, so people with serious phone issues may be prioritized before a pre-sales question.

The ring time does not vary by phone, it is configured by the service.

As for the spam, are you referring to calls, texts, or E-mail?


OK, I guess I’m not lost in the system then. I haven’t used RW help in a
long time, and it seems harder to maneuver around the website.

But how many rings can I get, more than the three now?

Spam, all of a sudden lots of incoming calls with no one there or the usual
computer talking. The other day I got about 5 of these. On my Vonage
phone, I can set up to 50 numbers to block. Maybe a new phone will help.




We have made some changes to our website, but we were hoping to make it easier to get help, not harder. :crying_cat_face:
I’m glad you found your way to post in the Community.

If you’re receiving a number of spam calls our support team can make a change on our end that can help. While there’s really nothing about a new phone that would be different about spam calls, putting a new phone on the line has the side-effect of the same change we can manually make. So if you do get a new phone, it could solve the issue, but we can make the same change for you on your current phone, for free.

I’ll be glad to go ahead and make that change for you, if you’d like, I would just need to follow up with you in your ticket first.


Southpaw - Great, if you could make that change!


Sorry, I missed that question!
The number of rings is a misleading measure, since your “rings” may not each be the same length of time as my rings. I believe we are currently set to wait 29 seconds for the call to be picked up, but that may not always equate to 29 seconds of time for fishing the phone out of your pocket, as some of that time (a few seconds) is consumed as the service locates your phone.

I’ll respond on your ticket in just a moment.


Bottom line, the ring time can not be changed. It is set to the maximum possible no matter what phone model you have.


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