Ring time length


New subscriber here. I would like to change the number of times my phone rings before it goes to voicemail. With AT&T I was able to accomplish this through cust. svc. It was a network setting on their end. Can I do the same with Republic? Please advise. Thank you in advance.


Hi @rhilgart,

Welcome to Republic’s Community forums! Please know most of us here (me included) are customers like you. Republic staff does drop in from time to time.

I’m sorry to report with Republic length of time before a call goes to voicemail isn’t configurable for the customer or for Republic on the back-end. I believe it’s set for 29 seconds, which usually translates to between 5-6 rings. Is there a specific issue you’re trying to solve?


No, not really. I’ve just become accustomed to about three rings. Then the caller doesn’t have to wait so long for the voicemail prompt. It’s not a problem. Just curious. Thank you very much. Have a super holiday!


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