Ringer sound vs silent/vibrate


My phone switches from ringer sound to silent without my instruction. How can I lock it in to ringer sound so that I can switch it off and on myself?


More info about what phone and plan do you have?
When does this behavior happen? Random…or fixed time of day, etc?
Would help the Community provide you better guidance.


I have a Moto x 2 gen phone . My phone changed from ringer to silent all
by itself at no particular time


Do a off/on power cycle with the phone. If the problem happens again, try restarting the phone in Safe mode and using for a day or so. If the problem does not reoccur, then the problem is most likely being caused by an ill-behaving app. If this issue just started happening, the most likely culprit would be the most recent app you installed on the phone. If you haven’t installed any apps on the phone, a setting has been changed or a current app may have gone rogue.


Thank you!


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