Ringer volume goes to 0 randomly

My ringer volume randomly goes to 0 without my touching the phone. I will notice when I get a call or notification it only vibrates I will pick it up and the volume is back at 0 I set back up to 100% a few hours later back at 0. Already having issues with notification sound.
Moto X pure bought in August 2016 replace battery in March of this year.I just had to turn it up again

I deleted a ton of apps, disabled audio effects, clear cache partition yet it went to zero again this morning.

Here’s a similar thread. Fix was reported to be a factory reset:

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Done that twice.

Did you restore all your apps during the setup/activation following the reset? I would try it without restoring to see if there is any hope at all of remedying the problem. If that doesn’t fix it, perhaps there is an intermittent short in the volume control circuitry (perhaps a result of the new battery install).

There was damage during battery install they ruined the battery to the board cable and had to replace.

Yep, the factory reset was the ONLY thing that fixed that problem.


    July 11

Here’s a similar thread. Fix was reported to be a factory reset:

Just did a factory reset didn’t change a thing

If the problem survived a factory reset where you didn’t complete a restore procedure, it’s likely a hardware issue.

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I downloaded a third party notification app that lets me assign sounds to notification seems to work.

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