Ringplus customers. special $50 credit offer!

RINGPLUS CUSTOMERS. SPECIAL $50 CREDIT OFFER! can i use a used repblic moto e for this offer

Hi @yemizi,

Presuming the used Republic specific Moto E is being activated as a new line of service, I don’t see why not. More here: https://pwk.republicwireless.com/welcome-ringplus-customers-special-50-credit-offer. Quoting the Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

Each individual who joins Republic Wireless from RingPlus (“You”) that satisfies the eligibility requirements will receive a $50 service credit good towards Republic Wireless’ service plans (the “Offer”).

In order to be eligible for the Offer, You must be an existing RingPlus customer; (ii) port your phone number to Republic Wireless and (iii) chose and activate a valid Republic Wireless service plan on that ported number by February 28, 2017.

This Offer is subject to the following additional limitations: The Offer is valid only until February 28, 2017. Only one Offer per ported phone number. The Offer has no cash value, is not valid for payment of any kind other than as a service credit for Republic Wireless service plans, not transferrable, and not valid on the service plans of any wireless carrier other than Republic Wireless. If You terminate Your Republic Wireless service before the total amount of the service credits are used, any and all remaining amount of service credit expires. The Offer cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or any other amount.

The Offer will begin at the start of Your Republic Wireless account’s second month. By way of example, if You activate Your new Republic Wireless account on February 10, 2017, You will be responsible for paying for the first month of Your Republic Wireless phone service. At the start of Your account’s second month, on or about March 10, 2017, You will receive the $50 service credit and it will be applied towards Your future service plans until the service credit is fully used and You have no service credit remaining. The service credit is only valid towards Republic Wireless service, You will still be responsible for any taxes and telecom fees. Once You have fully used Your $50 service credit, any additional service plan charges must be paid by You.

If you need step-by-step instructions for porting out of RingPlus, this may help: Transferring Your RingPlus Number to Republic.

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