Ringtones and notifications


I have a new Moto X4 and I would like to get set up on this phone so that it would signal me by different sounds when the phone has a new text or an email or a news flash and I would also like it to tell me who is calling even if they aren’t on my contacts list. Is it also possible to set up the phone with a different ring for different people calling me? Thanks.


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Hi @leeb.lpxefa,

You can set each contact’s personal ringtone for each contact in the Contacts app.

You can set individual notification tones for each contact in your messaging app.

You cannot set individual tones for E-mail senders.

You cannot set individual tones for each caller who is not in your contacts, though if you set individual ringtones for all your contacts, you can then set a default ringtone for everyone else.

It you want the phone to actually announce the caller ID when you have a call, perhaps the Community can advise you on a third-party app for that purpose.


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