Ringtones for Moto G Play

How do I get ringtones on my Moto G Play.
I seem to be stuck in Total Commander and cannot get ringtone options.

Hi @josephv.0a2nc8,

I’m not familiar with Total Commander. Is that a file manager type of program?

These questions will help the Community get an answer to you: :slight_smile:

  • This is a ringtone for your phone ringer (not for texts), right?

  • Where is the ringtone file located now? On a PC, on your phone?

  • Does the file have an extension? (file type)

When I open settings and go to sounds I only have custom ringtone option and cannot get any preloaded ringtones for my phone.

Yes this is for my phone not text.
I’m trying to set up a different ringtone in my Moto 4 Play G

Yes, this is for my phone ringer.
I’m not getting any preloaded ringer options when I go to Settings, then to Sounds.
It says Phone Ringtone but when I open it up it brings me to a file???
I thought it would open up a bunch of options for ringer sounds.
I’m totally baffled.
Thanks for your help.

Yes,it is a file manager. But i don’t know what to do when the file opens up.
I’ve tried to open up the icons associated with the file but nothing happens.
This is very discouraging.
Thanks again

Your path looks to be correct to find the list of different tones. See here:

Using ringtones on the Moto G Play (4th Gen.)

Is Total Commander installed on your Pc or your phone or both?
I wonder is uninstalling it on your phone (if installed there), would let you find the missing sounds in their correct place. :thinking:

The Total Commander is preloaded on my Moto Phone.
Do you think it’s okay to uninstall??

Okay, I think I’ll try to uninstall Total Commander.:grin:

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yes. It should be fine.

I just went to the app on the phone and it had an X on trash icon.
So you can’t trash this file manager.

Go into the settings>apps> and find the program there. See if you can uninstall it or at least disable it.

Thank you very much.
That took care of the problem.
Thank you for helping me out with issue.
You’re amazing!!!

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i use the ap Ringtone maker on my Moto G stylus and load any ring tone i desire

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