Ringtones not accessible

With Moto G Play:

  • originally I could access ringtones and change them.
  • now, the ringtones menu no longer appears.
  • only a list of file folders with names that mean nothing to me. E.g.: alt_autocycle, amber widgets, Android, backups.
  • I reached this situation when offered three programs to manage ringtones (one time only or always). Unfortunately I chose always and now keep being presented with the file menu, not the ringtones menu.
  • I powered off the phone but that made no change in behavior.
  • Thanks for any thoughts/remedies.

Hi @michaelr.pwj9qa,

Since you mention the change of behavior being simultaneous to a change in a default app, you might try the following:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap gear icon upper right.
  4. Tap Default Apps.
  5. Change the app for managing ringtones, if possible.

If that doesn’t help, there’s always the sledgehammer approach.

  1. Tap the back arrow twice.
  2. Tap three dots upper right.
  3. Tap Reset app preferences.

You’ll need to reset defaults apps again for various things again but hopefully doing so restores expected behavior for managing ringtones.

Default app approach did not work

But, sledgehammer approach DID work.

Thank you so much!!

P.S.: the Android OS has SO MANY menus that remembering or knowing about them is hard.

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Thanks for saving me from a similar problem but with a different cause.

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