Roam on Verizon

At present I have a Moto X (gen 1) and on the 2.0 plan. I’m thinking about changing to the 3.0 plan and a Moto X pure. Is the moto pure phone CDMA and if I leave the Sprint area will it roam on Verizon?

Hi @jimh.bmpdi6,

The Moto X Pure is capable of running on either GSM or CDMA networks. As an existing Republic customer with CDMA (Sprint) coverage, it’s highly unlikely Republic will switch your coverage if you buy the phone from Republic. If you choose to purchase a Moto X Pure elsewhere, it will be GSM as Republic’s bring your own phone program is limited to its’ GSM partner currently. Some details here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

Thanks, exactly what I need to know.

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