Roaming all the time

What phone do you have?
Moto G
What plan are you on?
My choice 1Gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Yesterday I noticed my phone was on roaming. I am not certain when it happened, but it’s been for at least a day. I have not been anywhere out of my normal area, I have mostly been home on WiFi. My husband and son do not have this issue. I have restarted, I have refreshed, uninstalled and reinstalled, I have reset the router, I have “forgotten” the WiFi and re-added it. Nothing has worked and my data is going fast. Please help, as opening a ticket gets a very slow response.

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I would start by turning on Data Freeze in the Republic app. If that doesn’t stop the data drain, put the phone into the airplane mode and then turn WiFi back on.


I turned on data freeze.

I tried the airplane/WiFi off/on but it seems to go back to roaming. Thanks for the input, I appreciate any and all help!

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Mine has been doing the same for about a week now. They say nothing has changed but my phone says something has changed. I had to adjust settings in the messaging app because it was making me download every message instead of performing it automatically like when NOT roaming.
At any rate…I cant switch to the AT&T sim card fast enough…coverage should be much better in my home area

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Hi @jenniferm.gsu0up,

Both my and Mr. Southpaw’s phones are doing the same thing. I suspect your Moto G, like our phones, has a CDMA SIM card?

It’s possible our carrier partner has made a change on the network. They don’t always advise us of these things. Or they may have turned off a tower near you.

Your WiFi network has nothing to do with whether your cellular connection is roaming.

Roaming would not cause your data to go any faster than normal. In fact, our My Choice plan does not include roaming data, so your data would not be used at all if you’re truly roaming.

To prevent the phone from using any data at all, you can put the phone in Airplane mode, give it time to complete that process, the turn WiFi back on. Don’t turn airplane mode off, just turn WiFi on. Doing so will prevent the phone from using any cellular data at all.


I believe we are experiencing something similar with CDMA call coverage. Starting last week both our RW CDMA equipped phones are dropping calls in areas where we used to have coverage.

Let us know if you are made aware of any CDMA network changes please. …and thank you!

I’m seeing the same thing in my area. My phone is always roaming in an area that previously had good coverage. I have tried updating the carrier settings and config but my phone continues to only roam. This is a deal breaker for me and my wife. We are both on CDMA sims.

Anyone have suggestions if this is the new normal? Any other carriers that I should consider?

Are you experiencing trouble using the phone? Even though mine is showing that it’s roaming, everything, including data, works.

Hi @karlm.87b7sp,

I’m sharing the experience and believe it to be the result of T-Mobile’s ongoing integration of Sprint’s legacy network into its own.

Have you tried testing to see if cell data is working for you as suggested by southpaw? If cell data is working, then you, like me and southpaw are “roaming” onto T-Mobile’s LTE network. Though historically T-Mobile’s network is GSM and Sprint’s is CDMA, 4G LTE is a common technology and, therefore, it’s technically possible to roam from “CDMA” Sprint to “GSM” T-Mobile.

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No data for me, unfortunately. That was what actually caused me to notice there was a problem. In my 7 years of being on Republic, I have had a couple of instances where my phone would not connect to a nearby tower when my wife’s phone would (also on Republic). A quick update of the PRL and carrier settings would always fix the problem. Unfortunately, this time, we are both unable to get data in the same city. Unfortunately this is where we spend the majority of our time because of work.

no data, unfortunately. My wife’s phone is having the same issue (also on Republic).

One thing worth checking in your settings
Mobile Network → Roaming → Enabled

Sooner or later Sprint coverage is going to go away. If you know AT&T coverage is good in your area then you can switch to the RW 5.0 plans…otherwise your search should start with which of the big 3 provides best coverage in your area…and then look for options from there.

Thanks for the suggestion. Roaming and mobile data are both turned on.

For us, the Sprint coverage is/was by far the best. We live up in the mountains and commute approximately 25 miles to work. Our coverage during the commute is spotty, obviously, so we had to pick the carrier that covered the the biggest portion of the drive (especially for safety reasons during winter). Once we get to work, we have good coverage with all major carriers except for this new issue with Sprint. If I can’t get this worked out, I guess I will have to try several prepaid plans from the other providers to see is any of them can compare to what we have now. I’m guessing Verizon and T-Mo will be the closest but I have tried T-mo in the past using a spare phone and the coverage was significantly less in the mountains. From previous discussions with coworkers, I would expect AT&T to be the worst. If I do end up switching, I have to have a carrier that has wifi calling for home use.

If you’ll open a help ticket, you can ask our Help Team to look into whether there are any tower outages reported in your area. It may be a temporary issue.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

Little late to the topic but my CDMA phones are similarly experiencing this around the western part of the Triangle (Orange County, NC). It has actually been a positive for me. Previously I had a couple of dead spots with no coverage on my commute, one right after I leave my neighborhood and one at my parking deck where I could not use the mobile app to open the gate. Starting about two weeks ago I had new roaming coverage where previously it was just dead altogether. Data works fine in these spots for me and now I can open the deck gate using my mobile app.

Hi @Nighthawk,

I’m sharing the experience in South Florida on a household Sprint provisioned Republic phone. I believe this is part of T-Mobile’s (T-Mobile now owns Sprint’s networks resulting from the corporate merger earlier this year) ongoing integration of Sprint’s networks into its own. You, I and others seeing roaming coverage with data working are “roaming” onto T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network.


I’m glad to hear it has been a positive change in your situation. If I could get data in the area that I spend the majority of my time, I would be completely satisfied. The only option I have, according to the support team, is to migrate to the 5.0 plan. Unfortunately, this is a deal breaker for me. I have a moto x4 and I have learned that this phone will not be allowed to have wifi calling on AT&T’s network even though the phone is capable. I’ll probably spend the next couple of weeks trying to determine which other carrier is going to work best in my area.