Roaming Issues

Hi, the last few months, I have traveled to ND, IA, and WI for work. Not far from where I live, but in all 3 states, I was in roaming or no coverage. ND, no surprise. BUT for WI, and IA I was very surprised to find I was in roaming. This was not the case when I traveled these areas last year. I travel extensively.

Has republic changed their coverage?
Have I hit some button on my phone?

I desperately need coverage in these states.

did you upgrade to a 3.0 phone? if so then yes the coverage did change from CDMA Sprint backbone to a GSM T-mobile backbone

Thanks for this. Super helpful. I did upgrade.

Any suggestions to go back to old coverage?

The map shows much of my area as talk and text.

right now the only way to go back is to activate a used 2.0/1.0 phone (there are no new option any longer no the the Moto G 3rd sold out at the beginning of this month )

Republic Wireless 1.0/2.0 needs the Custom ROMed Motorola phones {Moto X 1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto E 1st, Moto E 2nd, Moto G 1st, and the Moto G 3rd}

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

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the good news is republic is working on bring CDMA (Sprint) to 3.0 and are in the beginning steps (limited soft launch no way to force it yet)

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

How long does a “soft launch,” usually take?

I could wait if this actually goes through somewhat quickly.

Do you know why the 3.0 has different coverage?

Thanks again.

only Republic knows how long before the next step and what that step would be, we do know not all phones will be able to switch to the CDMA network (the Samsung J3 and S6 and the Moto Z and Z Play do not have CDMA radios in them)

3.0 has different coverage because RW doesn’t use Sprint as the current GSM provider which is rumored to be T-Mobile. Once/when/if RW makes CDMA Sprint 3.0 service available we would be able to choose one or the other.

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