Roaming on Republic GSM


A friend recently signed on with RW and selected a Moto E4. He reports everything is generally going well so far, but has a question about roaming. This week he was in an area with a very weak RW GSM signal, but strong AT&T. Yet he was unable to roam on AT&T and couldn’t make or receive calls. Is this normal? Or could there be a setting somewhere that needs to be changed?



Unfortunately T-Mobile won’t roam on an AT & T tower unless there is absolutely no outdoor coverage where you were at. I know this because an AT & T tower floods my home with signal but my T-Mobile signal ranges from 0 - 1 bars. When the T-mobile signal drops my phone connects to the AT & T tower for emergency calls only. I complained to T-Mobile about this to no avail. They told me to step outside.



Thanks. I was afraid it might be something like that. Sorry to hear about your GSM situation. It sounds like what I experienced with Sprint. Luckily, I don’t have that problem now since the T-Mobile signal is strong everywhere in my house.


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