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Will a Sprint CDMA phone still roam on Verizon if no sprint service available? Seems like sometime back I read this feature was going away.

Hi @jimh.bmpdi6,

Our service includes roaming for calls and text messages, where there are roaming agreements between the carrier and their roaming partners. In some places Sprint may have a roaming agreement with Verizon, but this is not guaranteed for all areas.

The My Choice plan does not include roaming for cellular data. Only a phone on the Republic Refund plan includes data roaming, and data is consumed at a much faster rate when roaming than it is when not roaming.

At one time the 1.0 plan included cellular data roaming, and that was changed a very long time ago. This may be why you are remembering reading that it was going away. Roaming for calling and texting did not go away.

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