Roaming parameters

I have had a Republic phone for years. I am wifi and cell only, no data. I just purchased a Republic phone for my wife. We do not download music etc. She currently has an iPhone with Verizon as a carrier. She uses less than a gig a month of data on the iPhone. The Republic plan we purchased is a gig a month of data. I am assuming that I need to turn on the roaming data feature if she wants to use google maps etc. while not on wifi. That is question number 1. Question 2. is, if we travel to Canada do we need to turn this feature off to avoid significant charges? We are 67 years old and not exactly techies.

Yes cell data needs to be left on for maps to work, note there is no roaming data on Republic 3.0, but it still needs to be left on I the device settings

There is no cell service in Canada so no need to do anything to prevent charges,

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