Roaming with Wireless Maritime Services (WMS)?

Apparently the cruise ship is a international roaming cell tower, but states that in order for me to have service on the cruise ship, my provider must have a roaming agreement with Wireless Maritime Services (WMS).

Does Republic (Sprint) have such an agreement?

RW doesn’t have roaming agreements. Their Sprint-enabled phones roam where Sprint roams and their T-Mobile enabled phones roam where T-Mobile roams. Beyond that that, RW only provides service in the U.S and U.S. possessions.

Most of the cruise ship reports I’ve read in this Forum over the years involved making WiFi calls over the cruise ship’s satellite connection. There was at least one complaint about the cost for using the ship’s WiFi.
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Beyond that that, RW only provides service in the U.S and U.S. possessions

Would that only be through wifi? Since I have a Moto G5 plus sprint-enabled (?) wouldn’t service still come through sprint? Visited the sprint link, and a Moto G5s plus - open market phone is supported but the site says any GSM phone should work, and the Moto G5 plus is GSM capable.

To the best of my knowledge, Republic phones do not work with Wireless Maritime Services. Generally, there is no international cellular roaming on a Republic phone of any kind. There is no more reason to believe a Republic phone would have access to WMS than a Republic phone has access to either if its cellular partners international roaming agreements (which they do not). Republic’s official word on international service is here: International Service – Republic Help.

As @billg has pointed out, a Republic phone would connect to shipboard WiFi. Shipboard WiFi can be expensive and connection quality for voice (due to the satellite powered Internet connection) may or may not be so good. Another member relates their experience here: Configuring your phone for cruise ship internal Wi-Fi.


@strobelight - @rolandh is correct: Your Republic phone will not work on the cruise ship’s roaming cellular network. This is because we are a prepaid service & WMS is a pay-as-you-go roaming network, thus WMS would have no way to bill us/you for the roaming service you use.

As @billg & @rolandh mentioned, you can indeed use the WiFi on the cruise ship in order to send and receive calls/messages on your Republic phone. Just keep in mind that your mileage may vary based on network conditions when it comes to call quality.

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