Robocalls - Will Republic Do Anything to Stop Them?


Consumer Reports has an “End Robocalls” campaign seeking to encourage phone companies to block robo / junk / spam calls, before they cause the recipient’s phone to ring. This can best be done by Republic itself, not by an app on everyone’s phone.

Is there any evidence that Republic is working on this?


You might be interested in reading this:


Thanks aFloridian. I’ve activated that feature on both phones in our house, and hope it helps.

I believe that robocallers utilize methods to create customized Caller ID information for every call they make. For example, they create a calling phone number very similar to yours, so you will think a neighbor is calling. I think the phone companies can distinguish between true CID and faked CID, so they could do a better job of blocking the bad guys than we end-users can…I hope Republic will come up with a way to block calls accompanied by fraudulent CID information.


Blah Blah Blah, “Big Data”, Algorithms, the carriers could block robo calls in 2 weeks but that would impact their revenue - it’s the same problem Zuckerburg has - his investors are all about the short term bottom line but what these “boys and their toys” forget is that the internet and the cell phone frequencies are PUBLIC DOMAINS and should reflect something for the common good - not just their bottom line.



Finally looks like the FCC is getting involved in stopping spam calls.

Not sure where I read it, but someone mentioned that once they started answering the spams calls and not saying anything/muting the microphone, the number of calls starting to drop off. Been doing it myself for about a week and not getting near the number of calls that I did. May just be a coincidence but no more effort than not answering and letting the call go to voicemail.




@SpeedingCheetah Tell your boss thanks for me! I have 5 numbers ringing to two cell phones and have only had 3 unknown calls since Oct 26 and none for the last 3 days. Something has changed for the better.


Yea. The theory is that the “dead air” triggers the automated roto dial system to mark the number as “invalid”. So far, it seems to be working for the most part.

One could also set their voice mail greeting to the “this number has been disconnected…” that has the tones before it. I have read some where that those tones and message is supposed to trigger those auto calls system to label the number as disconnected and remove it, or at least set it as inactive for a while.

Course, that may only be a option for someone who doest actually need or use their voice-mail, as, obviously, it would cause legit wanted callers that go to VM to think your number is really disconnected as well…


I’ll believe it when I see it. And with the current FCC they’ll probably approve a $5 “Robocall Prevention Surcharge” on every phone bill out there.


This does not seem to be helping with those robo call systems that just fake a different number each time they call. I still get several each day. There needs to be a more sophisticated way to detect a falsified number and reject it without it ringing my phone. AT&T and T-Mobile seem to be addressing this.