Root Moto X2

tried to search forum but needed a quick answer…

Can I root my Moto X2?

I deleted my camera roll accidentally and was unable to find the pics through hooking to computer and many other methods. I was recommended the web page/App DiskDigger and their app actually found my photos however in a cached smaller size than original quality. Reading through their page and through support they say it is possible to get back the photos in original quality along with my videos if the device can be/ is rooted.

The chance of getting these 1000+ memories of my 2 yr old (in original quality) is worth the cons of rooting (so spare me the “you shouldn’t because…”) and I need to know if this phone can be rooted and the best way to do it.

Thank you!!


The phones Bootloader is locked and hasn’t been hacked and reported here except 1 russian guy in east bum russian front. he made a G1 or a X1 make and receive calls and texts on the GSM networks in Russia.

Can’t dial GSM Calls in Europe. Text msgs and incoming GSM calls working well | Moto X (1st gen) 5.1 Lollipop.

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I think it’s possible. Try and see if the build for the phone model is there. Probably lots of reading, researching, etc. to get the right build and how to backup your current build. And there’s a likelihood of ability of phone bricking. Additionally, instead of rooted phone look for “rooted app” to allow/escalate permission to other app like diskdigger.

DiskDigger and their app actually found my photos however in a cached smaller size than original quality

What size/quality are they now?

Is your Moto X 2 sync’ed to a Google account?

If so, when you use a computer and a browser to login to the same account here:

Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find

do you see your photos?

Avg about 30kb!!

It is synced except photos. No the originals are not there.


Why not just sync the photos? Wouldn’t that be the easiest fix in the jar?

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Thanks, app not too great then.

Psssst! That’s how this got started. They got deleted. This isn’t a search it’s a recovery operation now.

I’m finding that the Moto X2 model xt1097 can be rooted but the RW ones are a model xt1096. The difference is GSM vs CDMA…

What does that matter with rooting the software? Shouldn’t the 1096 be able to root too??


I know this but the photos were recovered in a thumb size. Can those photos be d/l to a pc and looked at in a folder with extra large as the setting in view folder? I find this in Picture tools—> View—>Extra large Icons (Win 10 pictures)

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How about this Deleted Photo Recovery - Android Apps on Google Play

undelete pictures - Android Apps on Google Play

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Sorry, I missed that part of the discussion.

Recovered to where? The place they are stored now will determine how or if they will be coped to someplace.

The RW model is the 1094. It has both radios but only uses CDMA. The SIM is for accessing LTE networks for data access.

I think more CDMA phones have locked bootloaders than GSM phones but carriers normally have the phones they buy set to read only with a locked bootloader unless it’s a developer model. Sometimes a code is available to unlock non-developer phones.

Codes are not available from Motorola which will allow you to turn on write permission to the system files for the RW branded X2. Note: This is not the same as a subsidy lock which prevents the phone from moving to another carrier.

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