Rooting Moto e 1st gen


Has anyone successfully rooted a moto e first gen ? I see a lot of info on the net that it can be done.


I haven’t seen the issue discussed in these forums. This is probably not the best resource for information on rooting the E1. That said, if you tried and bricked it, it would be a lot less of a loss than bricking a Moto X. :sunglasses:


It may have been done if the E1 is still running 4.4.2 or lower. That said, I agree with @beachb in that you’re likely to get better answers on a site like XDA as opposed to here.


site to tell you how

I can tell you right now, I tried to do it on an RW moto e2
put the number in clicked the button and it informed me that it could not be done

so I say if it is an RW moto e1 then no.


Thanks for the info !

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