RP Samsung S7 has ANT+?

Can anyone who has the Republic Wireless version of the Samsung S7 please confirm that it has ANT+? The full specs do not mention it anywhere.

Galaxy S7 - THIS IS ANT

ANT+ Certified models include: SM-G891A, SM-G9300, SM-G9308, SM-G930A, SM-G930AZ, SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930P, SM-G930R, SM-G930R4, SM-G930R6. SM-G930S, SM-G930T, SM-G930T1, SM-G930U, SM-G930V, SM-G930VC, SM-G930VL, SM-G930W8, SM-G930X,

Here is a cross reference of ANT+ devices that may be of interest (and explains what ANT is for those like me, who had never heard of it)


and this is the one supported by Republic so yes it does

also note Galaxy S7 edge - THIS IS ANT also has SM-G935U listed so the Galaxy S7 Edge also supports it

also note GALAXY S6/ S6 edge - THIS IS ANT also has SM-G920T listed so the Galaxy S6 (BYOD) also supports it

one can search for a phone here Directory - THIS IS ANT

Hi @mikb.qdfrpr,

The Samsung Galaxy S7 variant sold and supported as bring your own phone (model SM-G930U) is on the list referenced by @cbwahlstrom. For the sake of clarity, there is no Republic Wireless specific version of the S7. Like all Republic 3.0 supported phones, it’s the North American factory unlocked variant. Republic no longer modifies the Android operating system on 3.0 phones.

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