Rugged Phones from Republic?

So here’s the thing - my G6 has a cracked screen. I’m active and have young children. I’ve, um, generally been through, um, a lot of phones in the last few years. Let’s just say 10. My cracked-screen-G6 was pulled out of the water over the weekend. Not time for phone number “11” yet, hahaha.

Yes I have a case. Yes, in theory it is waterproof. But, you know, it got cracked with a case.

That said I cannot help but notice that rugged Android phones are hitting the market now. I would be very interested in something like a Blackview BV9500 Plus Helio P70 - which is IP68 and inductively charged (can happily sit in water all day).

Any word on when something like that might hit Republic? Any suggestions on how to perhaps retrofit my phone with “please throw to bottom of pool” types of abuse?

No official word, though if I was to use an unofficial word it would be “never”.

I really don’t think that’s possible for the G6. For the phones that sell in the millions, like the S20, you could find a case like this:

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