Rugged Phones Request


Is there any chance of Republic picking up a more rigged phone in the future? I am looking at having to switch off Republic for this.

Story Time:
I dropped my Moto Z Play, it landed on the glass and shattered. Sadly with the Z Play the docking capabilities is one of the strengths of it and there aren’t any good cases I know of capable of maintaining it while still protecting the phone in any useful way. I ordered a used Moto Z Play from Amazon Warehouse to replace it, but when I got it it wasn’t reading my SIM card. To confirm I ordered a new sim card, got it and tested it with the new SIM card, to confirm the phone wasn’t reading it. I decided to return it later that day but before I could return it it fell out of my bag and that phone shattered as well.

I usually don’t have quite that bad of luck with phones, but while I am enjoying the Z play, I can’t keep pouring money into it. I am going to order a replacement screen for my Z Play, but at this point I work in a fairly abusive industry (Backstage entertainment among other things) and just due to my luck I have decided i need something a bit more rugged, but there just aren’t any options out there that I can see on Republic sadly. Yes I am considering an otterbox etc. case as well, and may go that route, but would love to get an actual ruggedized phone to be able to use. Heck even a feature phone that put out a 4G hotspot for a tablet is all I really need, but obviously that won’t happen on Republic due to the need for Android for software.

Anyways long story short, please put down another vote for a speaker phone, and if anyone has a suggestion of one I may have missed compatible with Republic let me know!


Republic does not speak of or discuss what phones they may or may not support.
They are not very keen to add niche market phones to their lineup.

But I do think a rugged phone would be good to add.

There is a survey you can use to submit your vote for a device to be supported:

One can always get a nice Otterbox Defender case for their phone.