Ruggedest Phone Available with Best Battery Life?

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I’m looking to get a new phone that works with RW. Don’t care if I have to put a sim card in. I have only 2 criteria: I want the ruggedest phone possible with the most battery possible. Smaller size is a plus, as is headphone jack, but not required. I’d prefer not to have fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. I do not care at all about RAM, processor, camera, Android versions, or anything else like that. In fact, older versions of Android that spy on you less are preferable to me. Lots of options available. They seem to all be about 6" with 3000 mAmp batteries. Started looking through the ‘bring your own phone’ list. Was wondering if anyone who’s more into the current phone market had any model suggestions off the cuff.

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I’ll post some articles that I hope can help you find a phone.

This one shows some detailed support features.

This one will show you a list of BYOP for Republic:

And this one will show you how to find a BYOP.

Others I hope will chime in with some suggestions. :slight_smile:

No such phone exists for use with Republic (or maybe anywhere). You’re basically asking for a unicorn.

Basically every Android phone has the capability to do at least a basic camera only form of facial recognition. Everything except the very bottom end and very top end of the market includes a fingerprint scanner. None of the Republic compatible phones are rugged. Phones have been getting larger and larger. When someone says small these days they mean a 5.5" screen.


Fair enough. I gotta be the only person on earth who kinda misses the old Defy XT, lol

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The only “Rugged” option you have is to get a RW compatible phone AND a thick, life proof case like OtterBox Defender or such.

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